Overall Objectives

  • To provide every student with the opportunity to develop the maximum degree of functional competence in English that he or she is capable of, given the constraints inherent in the situation. Competence in those domains of use which are specifically appropriate to the situation in Hong Kong will be emphasized.
  • Domains:
    –    English as a key to communication
    –    English as a tool for study
    –    English as a medium of pleasure and entertainment
  • To enhance our students’ ability of the four basic English lianguage skills: reading,
  • speaking, listening and writing
  • To develop competence in English as a medium of instruction for further studies
  • To provide an enjoyable atmosphere to motivate pupils’ interests in learning English
  • To apply English in daily life
  • To provide an opportunity to use English as a medium of communication with other
  • residents

Objectives for this Year 

  1. To develop students’ learning ability – reading and comprehension ability.
  2. To cultivate good learning attitude – learn in serious manner.

Implementing a School-based English Curriculum in P1-6.

  • Implement the developed English curriculum which focuses on reading to writing in a variety of interesting contexts. There will be a special reading focus in P5. The school has joined the English school-based support consultancy services. Teachers will have co-planning meetings with an expert from the EDB and try out different innovative teaching strategies in class.


  • Teachers will incorporate different reading strategies in the reading tasks.
  • NET teacher will have reading workshops in primary 1 to 3. Students will enjoy the reading workshop with our NET teacher, Miss Elizabeth. In order to raise our students’ interests in reading English, parents are invited to join our reading workshops to read and play with our students.
  • Miss Liz Time & English World
  • Reading Mums and Dads
  • A Reading Club is established to help promote English reading.


  • Teachers will incorporate different writing strategies in the writing tasks. The use of different graphic organizers will help students to gather information and organize their ideas for writing.
  • Students work in small groups on a shared piece of writing. After the class and the group writing, students are more confident and well-trained to do their individual writing.

Listening and Speaking

  • Listening and speaking skills are integrated in daily lessons. Students’ listening and speaking skills will be enhanced through the cooperative learning activities.
  • The Interview skills workshop equips our students with the speaking and conversational skills in English. There is plenty of chance for students to practice their speaking and conversational skills.
  •  Students will have speaking and listening activities in the eLearning Room. Students can carry out the activity according to their pace.

Students can visit “the English Corner” during recess and enjoy speaking in English with their classmates.

Listening and Speaking

  • During STEM STEM Fun English, students were able to participate in a Science lesson about colours. Skittles were used to form a circle on the plate. As hot water was poured on the skittles, the colours came out and a beautiful rainbow could be seen. The students had a lot of fun and some students were able to repeat the experiment at home. Primary 2 students also had a lesson about clouds since their story book was about clouds. They enjoyed watching an experiment about making a cloud in a jar. The English assembly time focused on how to make a homemade compass. Overall the students had a lot of fun and learned some interesting new things.